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soap_wash_hvac_14.jpgCarlee and Paige

Got Goat Milk?

Comparative Question: Which soap is more moisturizing goat milk soap made with Lard or Crisco?

Hypothesis: Soap made with Crisco is more moisturizing!

Recipe 4 and 5: one cup Lye, three cup of goat milk, one and one half cup of Lard (recipe 4) or Crisco (recipe 5), one tbs of borax, one cup of baby oat meal let soap sit for four weeks.

Testing Method: Have HVAC boys use germ-x prior to washing hands. tester 1 washes the right hand with Lard soap. Tester 2 washes the left hand with Crisco soap.

Results: Our hypothesis was wrong, the Lard soap was more moisturizing.

Washing hands with goat milk soap
HVAC class
The soap did not lather well!