Comparative Question: Which is more moisturizing, solid or liquid soap?

Hypothesis: We think the liquid soap will be more moisturizing.

Recipe 6: Lye soap
24 oz. olive oil
24 oz. coconut oil
38 oz. vegetable shortening (Crisco)
12 oz. lye
32 oz. distilled water

Recipe 7: Liquid soap made with lye soap from recipe 6
used the bar of soap made above, melted it, and added glycerin.

Recipe 16: Too much honey

Testing Method:
Researcher 1washed one hand of the subject with liquid soap, researcher 2 washed the other hand of the subject with solid soap.
The subjects were then asked a series of questions about how their hands felt.
This was repeated for three days.

Results: Neither the liquid nor the solid soap made any difference.

What we would do differently:
Ask more specific questions.