Group 1

comparative question:
Which pellet will have the higher CO2 reading the pellet with the wax added or the pellet with out wax added into it?
Our Pellet with Wax

Until now timber waste has been sent to landfills or burnt thus contributiiong to enviromental damage. Wood pellets are manufactured using compressed sawdust. They are used for heating houses or any other type of building that needs to be heated. Most pellet stoves cost between 1,700 and 3,000 dollars. They can be direct vented as a result hte installed cost of the entire system may be less than that of a convential wood stove. All pellet fuel appliances have fuel hopper to store pellets in. Most hoppers hold 35 to 130 lbs of pellets. A feeder device like a large screw drop a few pellets in at a time. Pellets are usually sold in 40 lbs bags as about 3 to 4 dollars, or 120 to 200 dollars a ton. A pretty cheap and enviromentally helpful way to stay warm.
If testing pellets with and without wax, then the pellet with the wax will have a higher CO2 reading.

First we made a compactor machine to compress the saw dust. Then we made pelllets with no wax and also pellets with 25% wax. Next we burned them in the combustion chamber with the C02 sensor to get our data.
removing a pellet from the pellet maker
Our Combustion Chamber

O2 trial 1

CO2 trial 1

temp trial 2
CO2 trial 2

Group 2

Comparative Question:
What Pellet has the highest flame temperature, with wax or without wax?

Testing flame temp and co2

Why do people use pellets as a source of heat?Pellets are made or compacted sawdust, chips, bark, and other organic materials. You can choose from many new generation wood and pellet burning appliances. Wood Burning appliances and fireplaces may emit air pollution.
What are some facts about pellet burnig appliances? Before the 20th century, 90% of Americans burned wood to heat homes. Pellet burning appliances are essential space heaters. The appliances burn cleaner and are more efficient.

If testing pellets with or without wax, then the one with wax willl have the highest flame temperature.

our pellets

The first step we did was make our pellet making apparatus. Then we made our pellets out of sawdust and half of them with wax. We put the sawdust in a metal tube and used a hammer and a piece of rod to make our pellets. After that we ran our test on the pellets. We lit the pellet and put the sensor in the flame to see what the flame temperature was.

We ran our test and found out the pellet with wax burned longer and had the highest flame temperature.

10% test 1
10% test 2
15% test 1
15% test 2
25% test 1
25% test 2

In conclusion to the project, the 25% wax pellet had the highest flame temperature. The pellets without wax didn't burn very well.

Group 3

Comparative Question:
In our experiment we tested the burn time between a wood pellet with a 10% wax content compared to a pellet with no wax content.

first design did not work,Because the wood pellts did not stay together.
Before the 20th century 90% of americans burned wood to heat their homes. But with failing rates of fossil during the late 60s and early 70s lead to the decrease in wood heating. In 1970 the use of wood as a heat source fell to 1%use among americans. But during the Energy crisis in the mid 70s the intrest in a renewable heating grew. Now in a fast pace modern world of the 21st century and with the growing costs in living plus the green movement we explore ways to save money and resources, In wood pellets we take the saw dust and turn it into a fuel source. Now the sleek wood pellet stoves fit in to our everyday life both green and inexpensive it's a great buy for any home owner.

In our experiment we tested the burn time between a wood pellet with a ten percent wax content compared to a pellet with no wax content.